DIY Costumes with a Pop Culture Twist

DIY Costumes

In Halloween, different types of costumes are used for different type of styles. Some people individually adopt a style or some may have group to have various types of costumes. These costumes can be enjoyed either in general way for entertainment or people may use different costume style for having different performance in parties, shows or exhibitions held in the Halloween time. Costumes may be simple, celebrity style, DIY costumes, pop cultural, pop cultural with twist etc.

Each type of costume has its own look. If you need to go shopping, then use the services of for luxurious shopping experience. But yes, the creativity in every costume can lead that particular style more famous and popular beside rest of all available. Some of the group costumes may include the following one pop cultural costume with twist:

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: In this type of costume everyone in the group or individual person, appear as ninja turtle with his or her own color and weapons signs. The simple color green for the ninja major costume color can be used while rest of the color can be chosen separate to make any group unique form others.

Tetris Pieces:

This pop cultural costume need to make different kind of boxes in geometrical shape. Shapes could be different according to some tetris games. And moreover different types of colors can also be used for differentiation of shapes between the costumes pieces.

Disney Characters:

This costume can be shaped as focusing or say copying the Disney characters then having those styles as costume. Colors can be modifying according to the animated characters of Disney world.

Harry Potter Wizards:

Characters are choosing in these costumes from the stories or series of harry potter books. Then according to the shapes, color and stuff needed costumes are modified exactly to that forms.

Bacon and Eggs:

Some costumes may be designed according to the different colors and shapes of food. As food is also a popular symbol used for different representation of urging style. So these types of costumes can be used as popular cultural costumes with twist. These foods may include egg, ketchup, nuts, vegetables and fruits. Or by mixing of different types of food any creativity can be designed for unique costume.

Zombie Princesses:

Princess’s costumes are also one of the favorite costumes as cultural costume with twist. This may include sexy princesses, simple dress, modern Disney princesses, sweet look, ghost colors, terrifying style and other costumes which offer the look of princesses. Simple makeup or paint can be used for the modification or creation of different styles.

Power puff Girls:

In Halloween there are no of heroes depicting the different styles, like spider man, superman or wonder woman. Different types of group powerful styles can be applied for this type of costume. Two or three or more people can design the same costume style or having one common style in them.

Game of Thrones:

Costumes can be designed through characters of game of thrones which can be presented as cultural twist costume.

The Scooby Doo Gang:

In this just group of friends can have any costume needs to be classics to present any storey or idea.

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