Are offensive t shirts the new funny?

offensive t shirts

Do you know being offensive is the new funny? Every now and then the trendsetters keep changing the fashion trends. Sometimes it’s with some flirtatious notes on your t shirts or sometimes with funny notes on it. However since everyone now a days think that being sarcastic is the new funny therefore offensive t shirts have hited off so well till now. The new trends are replacing the old ones. If there is any bad word that you might think is not appropriate then you might find a t shirt about it online. You name it and they have it. This works this way. Want to stand out in public? Want to stand out in a party of dopes? These offensive t shirts will help you find your way. But remember not every place will accept the kind of language you’re wearing, therefore chances are you can be kicked out of many places and believe it or not, you deep down know it! So better to avoid places like that or go there on your own risk. So are you tired of the same old plain t shirts? Has words like “daddy’s little princess” or “mommy’s little angel” destroyed your image as a party dope and made you a mommy daddy kind of person. Want to change people’s perspective about you? Then you got to change the text of your t shirt from daddy’s little princess to daddy’s little monster or even something more offensive than that.

We live in an era where being offensive or sarcastic is considered as being funny while being funny itself is no longer on plate. So if you want to stand out in a bunch of people you got to be sarcastic every once in a while and you’ll be the favorite one in the group. But how about a opening act? Not following me? Let me explain you a little bit. How about making an entry that itself makes a vacancy for you in the group, and by that entry I meant wearing a t shirt that is sarcastic will do the work for you.

If you Google offensive t shirts, you’ll get to see that most of them have the caption of funny t shirts in it because as I mentioned above being offensive is the new funny. People think that by being offensive or sarcastic you can steal the thunder anywhere you go. You immediately catch the attention that most of the people try so hard to but failed. But just to let you know not every place where give the kind of attention you want or desire to get. There are some places that won’t accept the kind of vibes you are giving by your clothes and will give you the kind of the attention that you definitely not looking for. But if you still think if you are the bravest of all that you say and think you can handle all the unwanted attention along with some wanted attention that there is huge variety of offensive stuff that you can find and most of them will bring your personality from a 4 out of 10 to a 9 out of 10 and you’ll like it

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