Tips To Select The Right Saree Considering Your Age And Body Type


Saree is best outfit for Indian women. Every woman looks good in saree. The colour, style and designs of the saree should suit your personality otherwise it can create a bad impression for you!! In this article, we will tell you about some of the tips to choose best saree that would not only hide any bodily imperfections but also increase the beauty manifold.

The type of Fabric:

Fabric gives you important information about how you would look in a saree. Cotton fabric makes a woman look heavy, and so it is best for slim woman. Overweight women should avoid this fabric. Woman with bulky body can wear saree in fabric such as silk, chiffon, crepe, georgette etc. These fabrics look good on women of age below 40. Woman with thin body can go for silk and cotton sarees online.

Art work and colours

  • Young woman can wear fancy saree with prints, thick borders, embroidery work, zari work, bright colours etc.
  • Elderly woman should prefer cotton saree with thin borders, sober pastel colours and minimal art work. Saree for such woman should look classy.
  • Woman with dark skin shade should go for pastel colours and white. They should avoid wearing bright and neon shades.
  • Women with thin body should go for light colours as it will hide their thin physique.
  • Woman with heavy body should go for dark colours as it will give them a slim look. Wearing dark colours makes a plus size woman appear beautiful and thin.
  • Slim ladies look pretty with heavy work.
  • For fatty woman, sarees with heavy art work can make them look more bulky. Little art work is perfectly fine for them.

Saree Border

Woman above 40 and bulky woman should go for no prints, small prints and thin borders. Contrast colours are not advisable for them. Young woman with thin body should go for contrasting shades, broad borders and patterns.

Women who are short should wear saree without borders and prints or with thin borders and small prints, as broad border and large prints will make them look even shorter. Small flowery prints and leafy prints look best on every woman.

Style of the Blouse

  • Women who have flabby arms should not wear sleeveless blouse and half sleeve blouse as it will make you look odd. For them, short sleeve blouse is a good option.
  • Overweight woman should select the blouse that does not expose their body parts to a large extent. They should choose blouse that matches with their saree colour.
  • Women who are thin and below 40 can go for different types of blouses such as backless, sleeveless, short sleeve, long sleeve etc. They can easily wear blouse in contrast colour to their saree.
  • Woman above 40 should go for plain blouses that cover their body parts well.

Designs saree collection Online gives you an exemplary range of mind blowing sarees. It is very important for a woman to choose the one that matches to her age and body type.

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