what to wear to a country concert

what to wear to a country concert

Summer is the best time for concerts. In fact, in this time of the year, there are so many concerts and festivals that you can’t even manage to go to every single one of them. But if do have a country concert coming up and you do need stylish ideas for what to wear, then don’t worry we have you covered. These are some of the ideas on what to wear to a country concert:


  1. A plaid button down shirt

One of the synonyms for country fashion are definitely the plaid shirts. The best ones are the red and black ones or we recommend the white with blue ones too. There are so many different types and styles, and plus they are very versatile – you can wear them with anything. We suggest paring ankle boots and jeans. And if you want to look extra country, wear a basic tee underneath the shirt.

  1. A western style floral print button down

Another idea in the “what to wear to a country concert” list is the classic western style floral print button down. This portrays a feminine look with masculine elements of the button down. It is easily worn with a statement belt, jeans and a pair of boots.

  1. Peasant tops

The summer months are known for their extra humidity and large temperatures and this top is made out of breathable, light materials which still look interesting and have a womanly touch to it. Pair it with a matching skirt, denim shorts, or boot cut jeans. Either way it looks perfect.

  1. A plain white t shirt

If you are wondering what to wear to a country concert, then you can never go wrong with the basic white t shirt. You can dress it up or dress it down, this piece looks amazing in any way you wear it. Add some statement accessories like big earrings or a chunky necklace for a polished look. It can be worn with anything, but we suggest wearing it printed shorts and low cut boots.

  1. Boyfriend jeans

Believe it or not, your lucky bf’s are the it thing to wear for a country concert. Casual and comfortable – this is something you want to wear all the time. Mixed with a cute shirt (a lacey one is best) and a pair of open toe sandals, they are the pristine combination.

  1. Maxi floral dress

A excellent way to look stylish at a country concert is by wearing the one and only maxi floral dress. Add a couple of necklaces, a big floppy hat and ankle boots and you are ready to go. The maxi dress is a girl’s best friend because it keeps you comfortable, covered and still looking like a million bucks.

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